Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! However, some weapons have restrictions. Items marked "LE ONLY" in the title may only be sold to LE/MIL/FR personnel. Post-'86 machine guns can only be purchased by licensed Class 3 dealers with demo letters, and new HK machine guns can only be sold directly to agencies, not individual officers. Please do not place an order for any items that fall under these categories if you are not elligible to purchase them. If you do and are not qualified, your order will be cancelled.

If you are transferring a firearm to one of our locations, there will be a transfer fee. The current rate is $35 per Title 1 firearm for our Athens location, and $50 for our Warner Robins location. The rate for an NFA firearm transfer is $100 per item. Please note, only our Athens location can support NFA transfers.

The ATF's written regulations only require a copy of an FFL be submitted to the dealer shipping the firearm. All information regarding requirements for dealer-to-dealer firearm acquisition are clearly outlined in Section 478.94 (page 52 in PDF, page 53 in bound copies): Clyde Armory’s FFL number will be printed on all invoices, but no physical copy will ever be presented to the receiving dealer. Clyde Armory’s policy is to not act outside the written law. We do not follow "common courtesy," we follow the law only. If the receiving dealer refuses to accept the firearm due to policies instilled outside the ATF’s written law, Clyde Armory will not be responsible for return-shipping costs or finding an alternate dealer. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to find a reputable dealer who will accept a firearm transfer under these terms. This policy will not be changed for any customer.

No, all orders placed online must be shipped. If you are a local customer, please do not place an online order, as it will not be filled. Please come into the store to complete a sale.

The Clyde Armory website is entirely updated manually. We do our best to make sure it is updated in a timely manner every time a change occurs; however, due to the sheer volume of product, occasionally there is a lag period between the time an item sells out or a price changes and how soon the change is reflected online. Pricing on the Clyde Armory website follows pricing on our showroom floor. Therefore, showroom price will always dictate online price even if a team member has not yet been able to adjust that specific item online. If you would like to confirm pricing on a specific product before placing an order, please call (706) 549-1842 or email We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.

You can put your dealer’s information in the shipping section during the checkout process. Orders will not be processed until a copy of the dealer’s FFL is received via fax or email. Weapons will ship to the address listed on your dealer's license regardless of what you put in the online order.

They can fax it to (706) 549-3232 or email it to Please have them put your name on the FFL so we can easily match it up to your order when it comes through. Orders for firearms cannot be processed until we receive a copy of your dealer's FFL.

We will not contact your dealer. If they are concerned about a transfer issue, their ATF agent can contact us. You may have to pass on them and move to another dealer. If your dealer already has the weapon in their store and are not going to transfer it to you, they can ship it back to us. We can ship it to another dealer of your choosing once it has returned to our store. There will be an additional charge if we have to re-ship.

It is the responsibility of the customer to find a local dealer that will accept a firearm transfer. The customer is also responsible for having them provide a copy of their FFL.

No. It’s simply the name for the available shipping rate in your area. Weapons will only ship to a licensed firearms dealer.

FedEx prohibits us from shipping any packages with a "No Signature Required" option.

We will only install a bullet-button at an additional charge. We will not modify any other features or pin stocks and flash hiders. Additionally, we will not lower the price of a firearm if the customer is unable to posess accessories or features it normally ships with. It is the customer's responsibility to know and be compliant with his State's firearms laws before placing an order for one.

First, please make sure everything's squared away on your end. Is all of your personal information accurate? If you bought a weapon, did you make sure your dealer sent us their FFL with your name attached? Did you make sure you were elligible to purchase the weapon you selected? If everything's good to go, we'll get the order taken care of as soon as we can. One of our team members will be in contact with you if there is a problem with your order.

Overnight or Second-Day shipping orders placed after 3pm EST will not be processed until the following day at the earliest. Due to a high volume of orders, processing for any given order can take up to 2-4 business days. Orders are processed as they are received. If Overnight Shipping is selected, your item will be shipped overnight the day it is processed. Clyde Armory will not be responsible for shipping delays once the item leaves our warehouse or if FFL paperwork for the order has not been received. Ground shipping for most states normally takes 2-3 business days.

So we can hook you up with a tracking number after you make a purchase, and that's it (really). You hate spam, we hate spam, we all hate spam. We don't sell your information to anybody.

No. You may go to the product's specific page on our website and click to be instantly notified via email as soon as it is back in stock. Items are sold on a first-come-first-served basis once they become available.

We do not order items that we currently do not carry or do not already have on backorder.

We will only need payment for the weapon plus shipping (and credit card fees, if applicable) and a copy of your dealer’s Class 3 FFL and SOT. All other transfer fees, paperwork fees, ATF fees, and paperwork will be submitted through your local dealer.

Transfers of NFA weapons usually take a month to a month-and-a-half, but it could take longer depending on how quickly the ATF examiner approves it. We would suggest expecting a longer wait. After all, it's better to be pleasantly surprised after thinking the wait was going to be long than it is to be bummed when a transfer takes longer than expected.

Yes. You have a seven-day inspection period from the time the weapon arrives at your dealer’s location. Guns must be returned in brand-new/unfired condition, the same condition they are shipped to your dealer. We will refund you the cost of the weapon, but not shipping costs or credit card fees.

The fastest thing to do is contact the manufacturer about getting a repair since we receive them brand-new from their factories. It is much faster to ship the weapon or item to them directly and get them to make the necessary changes. It removes a middle-man and will cut your wait-time for receiving it again in half. If the manufacturer will not help you out, we will then refund your purchase. If there is damage to the box as well as the product, it is more than likely an issue with shipping. A claim may be filed with the shipping company, please call us for details at (706) 549-1842 ext. 208.

Yikes! You will need to contact the manufacturer of your weapon and the manufacturer of the ammunition you used.

We can accept trades for in-store customers only. This does not mean you are always guaranteed a trade, and quotes fluctuate based on model and condition. Trades are accepted based on the weapon's re-sale value.


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