Purchasing Support

Our experienced staff can provide law enforcement agencies with product recommendations from the very beginning of the purchasing process. We can assist with the creation of bid specifications to meet the particular needs of your agency, from purchasing a few patrol rifles to outfitting several hundred officers.

Testing & Evaluation

We can offer both weapons and accessories to agencies for testing and evaluation before a decision is made. This encourages more efficient use of both time and resources, limiting the risk of incompatibility in product purchases. Never get caught with weapons that do not work!


We specialize in accepting confiscated firearms and obsolete duty weapons (including machine guns) in trade for a credit on new purchases, which ensures your agency gets the best value in all its transactions. We have worked with hundreds of agencies across the country from the ground up to provide options like cash-trades and officer buy-backs.

Individual Officer Program

Many manufacturers offer discounted pricing for individual officer purchases. Clyde Armory is able to provide information such as up-to-date pricing and availability on qualifying brands, and will gladly place special orders for individual buyers within a department.

Patrol Rifle Program

Our company cares about the needs of your agency’s patrolmen just as much as the members of your SRT or SWAT Unit. We will work with your department to build the package that best meets the needs of your entire force. We want your officers to know they can do their jobs with confidence!

State Contracts & GSA

We hold a GSA schedule and numerous state contracts. Please contact us to see if we hold your state's contract.


AAC, Aimpoint, Avon Protection, Benelli, Beretta, Blue Force Gear, Colt, Condor, CZ, Daniel Defense, EOTech, HK,

Kimber, LMT, Magpul, Magtech/S&B, Mossberg, Nightforce, Night Ops Tactical, Rock River, Sage, Savvy Sniper,

Smith & Wesson, Streamlight, Surefire, Survival Armor, and many more!

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Clyde Armory Athens: 706.549.1842 ext. 3

Clyde Armory Warner Robins: 478.333.5454


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