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Designed in 1989 by John Trevor Jr and initially produced in South Korea by Daewoo Precision Industries, The USAS-12 is a robust firearm, capable of providing sustained firepower in close-quarter scenarios.

Unfortunately, when these firearms first reached the civillian market, they were determined to have "no sporting purpose" and were thusly labeled a destructive device under the NFA. Due to this, they were limited for sale only to government and police agencies. However, they can now be yours.

These particular models were assembled by RAMO, INC. using both South Korean and US-made parts. Each one includes a singular 10 round detachable magazine, but they are capable of accepting up to a 20 round drum magazine. 


Will ship fully insured, this may incur additional shipping cost.

For any questions/concerns, feel free to contact us at or (706)549-1842 ext.209

PLEASE NOTE: This is an NFA-registered destructive device and must transfer to a class 10 FFL