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B&T TP9-N 9mm Semi-Auto Tactical Pistol BT-30105-N-US

The MP9 represents the latest advancement in personal defense weapons. The MP9 is the world’s lightest 9 x 19 mm select-fire weapon, ideal for surveillance teams, vehicle crews, CQB, SWAT teams and as a PDW, surpassing all other submachine guns in size, weight, and flexibility. This advanced, ambidextrous weapon is also available in semi-automatic only operation for the civilian market as the TP9.

TP9-N | BT-30105-N-US Single Fire Only


  • Part Number:BT-30105-N-US
  • Color:Alpine green
  • Material:Polymer
  • Caliber:9 x 19 mm
  • Attachment Options:25mm 3-Lug
  • Barrel Length:5.1 in
  • Twist rate:1:10
  • Length:11.9 in / 20.5 in
  • Weight:3.75 lbs
  • Rate of Fire:Single Fire Only