Cancellations Returns

An order placed online may be cancelled at no charge anytime before it is fulfilled by Clyde Armory. If the order is cancelled after the order has been processed but before it has shipped, the customer can opt to be refunded the cost of the items and shipping costs. However, if payment was made with a credit card, the 3% administration fee cannot be refunded. The customer may also opt to receive store credit in place of a cash refund.

Customers will have a seven (7) day inspection period starting from the time the items arrive at the shipping destination specified by the customer. If dissatisfied with the product, the customer may ship the items back to Clyde Armory and be refunded the cost of the items purchased. Shipping and administration costs shall not be refunded. Items must be returned brand new, and unused/uninstalled within seven (7) business days. Clyde Armory may also be notified that an item is being returned on the seventh, final day of inspection. There will be a 25% restocking fee applied if the item is returned after seven (7) days of acquisition. Items will not be accepted for return if shipped after thirty (30) days.

Clyde Armory requests the customer contact us as soon as possible if the product is damaged upon arrival so we may assess and resolve the situation. If the item is a firearm, Clyde Armory must be notified before the weapon leaves the customer’s selected dealer. Clyde Armory will not be liable to cover damages if notified after the seven (7) day inspection period.

Unless otherwise noted, all items purchased from Clyde Armory are new from the manufacturers’ facilities. If an item is defective, it is a manufacturing error and must be resolved with the manufacturer since all items are deemed “new-in-box” by the manufacturer. Clyde Armory will therefore not be held responsible for defective items. Clyde Armory will also not be held responsible for damages that occur after items leave our facilities.

Any customer who purchases a firearm that is rejected by his selected FFL holder due to company policies instilled outside the ATF’s written law will be responsible for any additional shipping charges. The customer may request a refund of the original purchase, less any shipping or administration costs.

Nearly all Post-86 Dealer Sample weapons are considered used unless special-ordered new from the manufacturer. The condition of each weapon will be made known to the purchaser at the beginning of the transfer. Clyde Armory may not necessarily be able to determine the amount of usage and wear on a particular weapon if it is being transferred from a Government Entity. To ensure the ease of transfer, Clyde Armory will do their best to obtain information and/or photographs of the weapon in question for the transferee. However, Clyde Armory will not be responsible for the cosmetic appearance of an NFA weapon. Unless otherwise noted, all weapons obtained from Government Entities are in perfect working order.

The buyer acknowledges that transfers made in conjunction with Government Entities (Form 5) can take longer than transfers from one Class 3 dealer to another (Form 3). Clyde Armory will do their best to make these transfers as efficient as possible. Clyde Armory will also not be held responsible for any loss of correct paperwork once submitted to the ATF, delays in approval, incorrect Law Enforcement Demo Letter, loss of paperwork by Government Entity, or delays in shipping the weapon once released from the Government Entity.

However, if a customer wishes to cancel an NFA transaction at any time, he will be refunded his purchase less the cost of shipping and an administration fee if applicable. Customers will also be liable for a $100 fee should there be a cancellation of an NFA transaction that's not a Post-86 Dealer Sample. Cancelled transfers of a Dealer Sample will result in a 5% restocking fee.

Please feel free to call (706) 549-1842 with any questions concerning cancellations and returns.

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