CTS Thompson TRI-MAX™ Pick Resistant Handcuff 1008

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TRI-MAX™ Pick Resistant Handcuff

Tri-Max® Chain Style Handcuffs *NIJ Certified

Tri-Max® is CTS-Thompson's newest innovation in handcuffs. Tri-Max® bump and pick resistant technology will enhance officer safety during arrest and in-custody transport situations. 

Tri-Max® patented technology consists of a dual ratchet engaging independent retaining bars separated by a barrier called Pick-Shield-XLS®. Additionally, Tri-Max® handcuff and ledgcuff models are constructed from Rockwell C40 hardened steel, incorporating "True-Swing" technology and Positive Clickbak® loading.

• Traditional chain style cuff
• Hardened steel
• Non-reflective dull nickel finish
• NIJ Certified
• Pick Shield XLS™ for pick and bump resistance
• Edge “Double-Lock” system
• Dual ratchet engaging independent retaining
• “True Swing” technology
• Positive Clickbak® loading
• High visibility Gorcote® colors

Style: Chain
Material: Hardened Carbon Steel
Special Features: Hardened Dual Ratchet
Pick Shield XLS™
Weight: 286 g / 9.7 oz
Length: 223 mm / 8.80 in
Max Width: 77 mm / 3.03 in
Min Width: 46 mm / 1.90 in
Max Height: 50 mm / 1.97 in
Min Height: 48 mm / 1.89 in
Max Int. Circle: 212 mm / 8.28 in
Min Int. Circle: 150 mm / 5.73 in
Locking Positions: 23