CZ P06 (01185 LE ONLY)

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.40 S&W, Alloy Frame, De-cocking Safety

The P-06 is the 40 S&W version of the 9mm CZ 75 P-01 model. The is model is based on the CZ 75 design, but with improvements in metallurgy, quality control and design.  The components of the P-06 are completely interchangeable with every other P-06 with no individual fitting required.  This required some very careful redesign so that the reliability and accuracy were not impaired.  The P-01 is the only NATO spec pistol on the market that is available to the public.  After 3 years of the most aggressive small arms testing ever by any manufacturer for any pistol, the CZ P-01 won the honor of replacing the CZ 75's previously used by the Czech National Police.