I just purchased a firearm from your website, what do I do next?

Please have your local dealer forward a copy of their FFL to websales@clydearmory.com, referencing your name or order number.

Also, we require all purchasers of firearms to email a photo of their valid driver's license to websales@clydearmory.com before we can process the order.


Can I use someone else's credit card to purchase a firearm?

No. Customers purchasing firearms MUST use a credit card issued to them. You may not use someone else's credit card to purchase a firearm from Clyde Armory. 


What method do you use to ship? 

We ship via FedEx. Ground, 2nd Day, and Overnight rates are available.


I purchased a firearm and picked "Home Delivery," does this mean it's shipping to my house?

No, that is simply one of FedEx's names for ground shipping in your area. All firearms must ship directly to the address printed on your dealer's FFL.


Can I buy something online and then pick it up in-store?

No, all orders placed online must ship out. 


Can I buy a firearm from your store in person if I am a resident of another state?

Customers who are not Georgia residents are legally allowed to purchase long guns as long as they are legal in their state, but may not purchase handguns in person.  We can, however, ship the handgun to your local, licensed dealer and they may transfer it to you within the scope of the law in your state.


Do you accept transfers from other dealers?

Yes, the fee is $45 per firearm if you have a concealed carry permit, and $60 per firearm if you require a background check. NFA transfers are $100 per item.


Do you offer military/law enforcement pricing?

Yes, many firearm brands we carry offer LE/MIL programs. If you are an individual buyer, please email websales@clydearmory.com with any inquiries. If you are buying on behalf of a department, please email lesales@clydearmory.com. LE/MIL pricing only applies to new firearms.


Do you accept trades?

We accept trades from local customers based on firearm type, condition, and current stock. Trades can be for cash or store credit. No estimates are given over the phone or via email, please bring your empty firearm into the store and speak with a sales associate if you are interested in a trade.

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