GG&G Multi-Use Sling Adapter for AR-15/M-16 Receiver (Ambidextrous) GGG-1224A

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GG&G Multi-Use AR15/M16 Receiver End Plate Sling Adapter (Ambidextrous)

The GG&G Multi-Use Reciver End Plate Sling Adapter For Collapsible Stocks (MURP) is the result of requests for a receiver end plate mount for AR15 collapsible stock models that allows the user the ability to use both the standard sling webbing for attachment, and the HK style snap clips for attachment. It will accept up to 1 1/4 inch webbing for traditional sling attachments, and has a special annular feature that allows those slings with HK style snap hooks to be used without having to change out the receiver end plate sling adapter. This innovative sling adapter plate not only allows the use of two different attachment methods, but also allows for the use of single point slings and the attachment of a conventional sling in conjunction with the front sling swivel. As can be seen in the photographs, the attachment features have been kept low so that they do not interfere with the charging handle.