HK G36

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5.56mm, Folding Stock, Optional Optic/Carry Handle

Developed by HK in the mid-1990s, the 5.56mm G36 is a true modular weapon system made almost entirely of a tough, carbon-fiber reinforced-polymer and uses a simple, clean-shooting, self-regulating operating rod gas system. A lightweight weapon, the G36 can be configured as a rifle, compact carbine, carbine, or light support variant that delivers high performance with extremely low maintenance Exhaustively tested and currently fielded with the German, Spanish, and Greek Armed Forces, the G36 is also used by many international law enforcement agencies and other military customers.

The rifle variants of the G36 use 18.9 inch (480 mm) chrome-plated specialty steel barrels, manufactured using HK’s proprietary cold hammer forging process for long service life and accuracy. The main weapon components (receiver, trigger group, buttstock, handguard and carrying handle) are made of corrosion-proof polymer with stainless steel inserts. This keeps weight low without sacrificing strength, durability, or robustness. Magazines are also made of translucent high-strength polymer and lock together without a magazine clamp.

The G36 gas system does not direct fouling back into the weapon’s interior like conventional gas operated rifles. This insures reliable operation even after firing thousands rounds without cleaning. The polymer components can easily be cleaned with water-based cleaning solutions, or even water.

A variety of sighting systems, including the Dual Combat Sight (combined electronic “red dot” reflex and optical 3 power telescopic) can be installed directly on the top of the G36 receiver. A Picatinny-type rail system can also be mounted on the receiver to accommodate virtually any accessory optic or mechanical sight.

Features & System Characteristics:

  • Operating rod gas system (with rotating bolt head) increases reliability and reduces maintenance
  • Receiver, pistol grip, folding buttstock, magazine, handguard and carrying handle made of reinforced polymer
  • Folding buttstock allows for normal operation and firing when folded
  • Storage compartment in pistol grip
  • Interchangeable trigger groups include single fire only, 0-1-2, 2 round burst, and full auto
  • Ambidextrous controls include selector lever and cocking lever
  • Cocking lever doubles as a forward assist and can be used to silently chamber a cartridge
  • Bolt catch holds the bolt to the rear on the last round fire, can be disabled by user to allow the bolt to close when the magazine is fired empty
  • Molded-in hard points for attaching rails and mounting accessories
  • Safety Blank Firing Attachment available
  • Optical sight (3 power magnification) and reflex sight with luminous dot integrated into carrying handle or rail system for mounting accessory sights
Dimensions G36CQB G36
Width 2.51 in. 2.51 in.
Height 12.59 in. 12.59 in.
Weight with Magazine 7.55 lb 8.31 lb
Sight Radius - -
Barrel Length 15.40 in. 18.89 in.
Overall Length 26.34-38.79 in. 29.84-39.33 in.
Other Specifications    
Cycle Rate of Fire 750 rpm 750 rpm
Magazine Capacity 30 30
Modes of Fire S,2,F S,2,F
Sights O,DS,D O,DS,D