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5.56mm, Folding Stock, 9" Barrel

The shortest member of the 5.56 mm G36 family, the G36C is a Compact Carbine with a 9 inch (228 mm) barrel. With the buttstock folded it measures 19.67 inches (500 mm) and is shorter that a 9mm MP5. The G36C is the shortest standard production 5.56 mm carbine made. Its short size makes it especially handy for vehicle operations or any application where a powerful and compact 5.56 mm weapon is required.

Dimensions G36C
Width 2.51 in.
Height 10.94 in.
Weight with Magazine 6.52 lb
Sight Radius 9.84 in.
Barrel Length 8.97 in.
Overall Length 19.69-28.34 in.
Other Specifications  
Cycle Rate of Fire 750 rpm
Magazine Capacity 30
Modes of Fire S,2,F
Sights O,DS,D
Stocks FOLD