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5.56mm, Folding Stock, 12.5" Barrel

The 5.56 mm G36K (K for “Kurz” or short) is the carbine variant of the G36 and possess all the features of the full length G36 rifle but is equipped with a shortened 12.5 inch (318 mm) barrel and abbreviated handguard. With the buttstock folded the G36K measures just 24.21 inches (615 mm) overall, making in handy in confined spaces like inside a vehicle.

Dimensions G36K
Width 2.51 in.
Height 12.59 in.
Weight with Magazine 7.58 lb
Sight Radius -
Barrel Length 12.51 in.
Overall Length 24.21-33.85 in.
Other Specifications  
Cycle Rate of Fire 750 rpm
Magazine Capacity 30
Modes of Fire S,2,F
Sights O,DS,D
Stocks FOLD