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9mm, Threaded Barrel, 0-1-F Lower, Collapsible Stock

Developed exclusively for one of the world’s most elite special operations unit, the MP5-N (Navy) model comes standard with an ambidextrous trigger group (safe, single fire, & full automatic fire) and threaded barrel. Operationally tested and proven, this configuration represents the essence of the modern submachine gun.

The MP5-N is compatible with all existing MP5 accessories and trigger groups.

Features & System Characteristics:

  • MP5 N “Navy” Models have threaded barrels and can be used with or without sound suppressors
  • Highly reliable recoil-operated delayed blowback bolt system
  • Precision-made free-floating, cold hammer forged barrel delivers long barrel life (20,000+ rounds)
  • Fires from accurate closed-bolt position (upon cessation of firing, the bolt is closed)
  • Fixed, retractable, and folding buttstocks are interchangeable
  • Special attachment points for mounting optical sights or other aiming units with 100% return-to-zero
  • Interchangeable trigger groups (all HK trigger groups with Pictogram markings are ambidextrous)
  • Interchangeable trigger groups
  • Extensive variety of HK and after market accessories
Dimensions MP5 N
Width 1.96 in.
Height 10.23 in.
Weight with Magazine 7.16 lb
Sight Radius 13.38 in.
Barrel Length 8.85 in.
Overall Length 21-27.25 in.
Other Specifications MP5 N
Cycle Rate of Fire 800 rpm
Magazine Capacity 15/30
Modes of Fire S,F
Sights D
Stocks FS