Mossberg 590A1 (51689) [NFA]

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14" barrel, Ghost Ring Sight, 6 round capacity

Now you can own the same Mossberg® 590A1™ shotguns that have served with distinction around the world.

With its rock solid reputation on the streets and on the battlefield, the Mossberg® 590A1™ has become the choice for the modern duty shotgun. Men and women in uniform need a rugged, dependable firearm they can rely on day in and day out, no matter the conditions. Mossberg's 590A1 shotguns have posted the credentials and track record over several decades to earn their trust. Previously offered almost exclusively to law enforcement agencies and military organizations, Mossberg now offers civilians 590A1 Special Purpose™ models built to the same rigorously-tested specifications demanded by those in uniform. Specifications that include a heavy-walled parkerized barrel, metal trigger guard assembly, metal safety button, and an upgraded magazine tube that can easily be opened for cleaning and is readily adaptable for a magazine extension. The receiver-mounted safety is convenient for right or left-handed shooters; simply push the button forward and you’re ready to fire. In addition, every Mossberg Special Purpose shotgun features a host of proven Mossberg features like an anti-jam elevator, dual extractors for reliable feeding, and positive shot shell extraction and ejection. The result? A rugged, dependable shotgun you can count on—just like the pros do. Variety and adaptability are hallmarks of the 590A1 platform, with tactical configurations offered to suit any need.  Every 590A1 Special Purpose model features a drilled and tapped receiver, factory-ready for Picatinny rail, scope base or optics installation. 

  • Barrel: 14"
  • Gauge: 12
  • Capacity: 6
  • Chamber: 2 3/4" or 3"
  • Sights: Ghost Ring
  • Stock: Speedfeed
  • Choke: Modified
  • Finish: Parkerized


These are NFA-regulated weapons and must ransfer to a Class 3 dealer due to restrictions against their features.  These items require the submission of personal paperwork and $200 to the ATF.  Please have your dealer provide us with a copy of his valid Class 3 FFL and SOT.  The weapon will transfer from Clyde Armory to your dealer on a Form 3, and then from your dealer to you on a Form 4.  All personal paperwork for the ATF and additional payments outside the cost of the weapon, shipping and credit card fees (if applicable) must be submitted through your dealer.  These weapons cannot be shipped immediately; please allow 1-4 months for total transfer approval.

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