Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuffs

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Noise Reduction 29db

The ultimate earmuff by providing a very high NRR of 30dB. Designed for use with large caliber or magnum rounds. Dual wall design for maximum attenuation. Maximum high and low frequency attenuation. Pivoting cups and padded headband. All day comfort.
  • NRR 30 dB
  • Maximum high and low frequency attenuation
  • Designed for use with large caliber or magnum rounds
  • Pivoting cups and padded headband
  • Dual-wall design for maximum attenuationAll day comfort
  • Suggested Applications
  • Prevent hearing loss against certain noises
  • Overall ear/hearing protection
  • Offers excellent noise reduction
  • 3M™ Passive Hearing Protectors, Bullseye Ultimate 10 (NRR 30dB): The Bull s Eye Ultimate 10 inch has the highest noise reduction rating on the market for any earmuff that has been tested by an accredited test facility. Dual cup design minimizes resonance in the system and gives a smoother attenuation over the whole frequency range, improving the speech intelligibility. The cups have different resonances, and they re separated by a compressed layer of special foam material. This absorbs energy in the same way as a shock absorber, thus reducing the sound transmitted from the shell of the cup.


    Noise Reduction Rating 29 Decibel