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Shipping Rates

Shipping is conducted in conjunction with FedEx. After processing, items can be expected to arrive anywhere between 1-7 business days depending on the customer’s location, though outside influences may affect delivery time. Expedited shipping options are available at an additional charge that will be determined at the time of purchase. 

If an email address is provided, the customer will be emailed a tracking number. Clyde Armory is unable to ship outside the borders of the United States and will not conduct a sale with the knowledge that the items sold are destined for another country (outside approved use by and with the US Military). Clyde Armory will not be held responsible for any damages that may happen to items or their packaging once they leave our store. Clyde Armory will also not be held responsible for any delays in shipping once items have left our store.


Please note, ammunition cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. 


Please allow 2-4 business days for orders to be processed. Overnight or Second-Day shipping orders placed after 3pm EST will not be processed until the following day at the very earliest.








Clyde Armory complies with all federal, state, and local laws that restrict the sale and transfer of firearms, magazine feeding devices, ammo, and other prohibited products.  The following is a list of restrictions that will include, in some cases policies set forth by Clyde Armory.


It is YOUR responsibility to know your local and state laws which may prohibit or restrict your ability to purchase certain products that Clyde Armory offers for sale.




Under the Gun Control Act (GCA), shotguns and rifles, and ammunition for shotguns or rifles may be sold only to individuals 18 years of age or older.  All firearms other than shotguns and rifles, and all ammunition other than ammunition for shotguns or rifles may be sold only to individuals 21 years of age or older.




Not applicable for California (unless Law Enforcement) or Massachusetts.






No ammunition or primer shipments.




No mags over 15 rounds




No mags over 10 rounds
Certain firearms may be restricted


No pistol mags over 10 rounds


No ammunition or primer shipments.




Cook County (all cities): No guns, no mags




Handguns must be on the Maryland Approved Handgun List


No mags over 10 rounds




New Jersey
No mags over 15 rounds
Certain semi-auto firearms may be restricted


Firearms/Ammunition Identification Card: A current, valid, & completely legible New Jersey  Firearms/Ammunition Identification Card must accompany ammunition orders for first time. Firearms/Ammunition ID card can be submitted by email.




New York
Only shipped to locations approved by state and local law.


No mags over 10 rounds


All online ammunition sales must be shipped to a licensed dealer.  Internet sales of ammunition are allowed, but the ammunition will have to be shipped to a FFL licensed dealer in New York state for pickup.




Washington, DC
No guns
No mags over 10 rounds




Clyde Armory does not ship to PO Boxes




We determine the most efficient shipping carrier for your order. The carriers that may be used are U.S. Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx. If you’re trying to estimate when a package will be delivered, please note the following: Credit card authorization and verification must be received prior to processing.