USP Elite .45ACP

Heckler & Koch
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The Heckler & Koch USP Elite is a semi-automatic pistol designed for target shooting and competition. It is a variant of the popular USP series of pistols, and features a number of enhancements and striking design characteristics that make it well-suited for precision shooting.

One of the most notable features of the USP Elite .45 is its 6-inch barrel. This longer barrel provides more velocity and accuracy, making it ideal for target shooting. The barrel also features an o-ring bushing to ensure that the barrel is concentric with the slide. This greatly increases the accuracy of this platform, and the o-rings can last in excess of 20,000 rounds!

Another key feature of the USP Elite is its sights. These sights are adjustable for both windage and elevation, and provide a clear sight picture. The Elite series also features ambidextrous safety and decocker controls. This gun is fully ambidextrous.

The USP Elite also features a number of other features that make it well-suited for target shooting. These include HK's Match Trigger, which features an adjustable overtravel stop. These features all contribute to the pistol's accuracy and performance.

The USP Elite is also one of the most exclusive current production guns in Heckler & Koch's extensive lineup. Heckler & Koch only produces these guns in very small batches at very long intervals. This is one of those guns that is on every Heckler & Koch enthusiast's list!





Manufacturer  Heckler and Koch 
Manufacturer PN  81000367
Caliber  .45ACP
Barrel Length  6.01 inches 
Product Weight  31.29 ounces
Capacity  12 + 1
Materials Fiber Reinforced Polymer Frame, Alloy Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring Assembly
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