Warne QD XSKEL Cantilever Scope Mount

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  • Warne's one-piece QD XSKEL cantilever mount features Patent Pending Dual Quick Detach levers and is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum for a lightweight and rigid foundation. Steel threaded inserts ensure steel-on-steel contact between all threaded interfaces, and MSR Ideal Height helps the shooter maintain a proper cheek weld and shooting position with any optic on flat top guns. The QDXSKEL gives you a generous forward cantilever making it the best MSR scope mount for an LPVO and 24-56mm objective scopes while reducing weight with its skeletonized design and the Return-to-Zero performance known for Warne.

    Count on a Warne QD scope mount to give you excellent performance and versatility.
    At Warne Scope Mounts, we have led the industry with innovative design, and this QD X-SKEL cantilever mount is an excellent example. The patent-pending design in this one-piece 30mm MSR mount gives you outstanding scope placement for an ideal cheek weld and shooting position on most modern sporting rifles. The quick detach levers give you reliable return-to-zero performance, and 6061/T6 aluminum offers lightweight strength.

    Warne Engineered the QDXSKEL to be light in areas where it could be. Still, thick and heavy duty in the places where it needs to be, making it a durable and lightweight scope mount for low-power variable optics or variable scopes with a 24-56mm objective.